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About Product

C-U! Bug Spray rids bed bugs.   

Many have used it to exterminate them.  Many have said the best after trying many other products.

CU! is a proprietary CONCENTRATE formulation of plant-derived extracts; all Natural and Non-Toxic Ingredients.

 Dilute/mix this CONCENTRATE with water and apply it to infested surfaces.

No longer is the need to use products with harmful chemicals to eradicate these and other bugs.

-Spray’s residue kills them as they crawl on it.

More detailed instructions and suggestions are included with your order.

*Time it takes to kill them varies from minutes to hours. Do not expect an immediate kill. Idea is to spray as many surfaces as possible where they crawl; the longer they crawl over spray’s residue the quicker their demise.



CU Bug Spray   CU-bugspray    CUbugspray    The Bed Bug Spray

Great to Exterminate Bed Bugs  &  Other Infestations