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CU! Bug Spray Rids Bed Bugs- CONCENTRATE to make      HALF GALLON

CU! Bug Spray Rids Bed Bugs- CONCENTRATE to make HALF GALLON

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CU! Bug Spray is a CONCENTRATE FORMULATION of Natural and Non Toxic ingredients that rids bed bugs. Mix it in water and apply it to infested surfaces.  You’ll soon be saying "CU!" to these pests.

CU!  comes as a CONCENTRATE that makes either 0.5 GAL, 1 GAL. or 2 GAL.
Spray bottle not provided.

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Duration of spraying and amount of product required to accomplish the job can vary by the extent and degree of infestation.  Bed bugs can live for up to 6 months or longer without coming out of hiding to feed on its hosts – thus the challenge to rid them.  Detailed instructions and suggestions are included with this product.  -* Individuals adhering strongly to these recommendations have succeeded at getting rid of these pests sooner than those not following them carefully and faithfully.